Kit Bags
Specfically designed for the young ones, an attractive all-purpose storage bag. Ideal for storing indoor & outdoor shoes, swimming stuff, bath toys, toiletries  or just toys. They are functional and durable, with a waterproof lining and durable nylon draw-cords. Your little or big juniors will love our range of bags for storing all there kit in!
  • All Bags priced at £15.
  • Approximate size (width) x (length) :- 14" x 17.5" or 36cm x 45cm.
  • Outer layer made of 100% cotton, waterproof lining, nylon draw-cords.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Available in other designs as shown on our "Junior Shower Hats" page.
  • For the perfect gift, match up with a co-ordinating shower hat as shown on our "Junior Gift Sets" page.
Please order below, or email us at sales@ciaradaisy.co.uk. For orders of two or more items or for cost of postage outside the UK please contact us directly.
Union Jack
(White Lining, white trim)
Price: £15.00
(blue lining, blue trim)
Price: £15.00
(white lining, brown trim)
Price: £15.00
Russian Dolls/White
(white lining, pink trim)
Price: £15.00
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